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Daido Industries Inc. (“The Company”) recognizes the importance of personal information gathered from all stakeholders, and considers the preservation of this information to be both the foundation of The Company’s business operations as well as the most important issue for management.

In order to provide secure, safe, and reliable services to all, we have arranged the following basic policy. We have shared it with all company employees, and strictly observe this policy as a company.

1.Basic Policy

  1. The Company complies with the Personal Information Protection Law as well as other related laws and standards. Furthermore, it determines internal regulations concerning the protection of personal information (“internal regulations). Along with enforcing and maintaining these regulations, The Company endeavors to continuously improve them.
  2. The Company establishes a management system for the protection of personal information, notifies executives and employees of The Company’s official regulations, and works toward thorough compliance with these regulations.
  3. The Company handles personal information within the range of the purpose of use specified to the customer. Furthermore, The Company does not give personal information provided by customers to third parties, with the exception of cases that have the customer’s consent and cases with justifiable grounds.
  4. In addition to keeping personal information accurate and up-to-date, The Company strives to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, and leaks, destruction, or loss of personal information through the improvement of information security and continuous revision.
  5. The Company faithfully and swiftly responds to customer inquiries about personal information and requests for disclosure, etc.

Enacted May 1st, 2017
Shunichi Daido, Representative Director, Daido Industries Inc.

2.Purposes of Use of Personal Information

When The Company receives personal information from a customer, it specifies the purpose of use of the personal information ahead of time, and uses the information within the range of that purpose. In cases in which the need arises to use a customer’s personal information beyond the scope of the previously specified purpose of use, The Company will use the information after receiving the consent of the customer. The following is a list of the purposes of use of personal information in The Company’s possession.

  1. Personal Information About Customers
    • Negotiations and meetings with the customer
    • Shipping of products and documents
    • Sending announcements about services and events
    • Providing customer support and maintenance
    • Responding to inquiries and consultations
    • Providing all types of membership services
    • Developing services, and conducting questionnaires and monitoring surveys
    • Fulfilling contracts
  2. Personal Information about Job Applicants
    • Providing and contacting job applicants (including internship applicants) about employment information
    • The Company’s recruitment task management

3.Reasonable Acquisition of Personal Information

The Company conducts the acquisition of personal information through legal and just means.

4.Provision of Personal Information

  1. With the exception of the following cases, The Company does not disclose or provide customers’ personal information to third parties.
    1. Cases with the customer’s consent
    2. Cases based on laws and ordinances
    3. Cases in which it is needed in order to protect someone’s life, person, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the customer’s consent
    4. Cases in which the handling of personal information is entrusted to a third party, within the scope necessary to accomplish the purpose of use
    5. Cases in which the business is being inherited due to a merger, company split, transfer of business, or other reasons
  2. Regardless of the above item (1), when The Company concludes that it is appropriate to have an affiliated company or agency provide a service to the customer or respond to a customer inquiry, The Company may provide the relevant affiliated company with the customer’s address, full name, telephone number, etc. In this case, the customer may request that The Company suspend its provision of this personal information to the relevant affiliated company.

5.Inquiries about Personal Information

For inquiries about the disclosure, revision, or deletion of customers’ personal information, please contact us through the inquiry form.


1. Access Information
This website may collect access log information in order to provide better services. Thank you in advance for your understanding. The collection of access logs is not with the intent of specifying customers’ personal information.
2. Cookies
This website uses cookies on some pages in order to improve user experience. Cookies and IP address information are not considered personal information as they do not independently allow for the identification of individuals. Cookie information can be turned off through brower settings.

This personal information protection policy is a translation of the Japanese, and is in accordance with Japanese laws.

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